Stefani is a wonderful vocal coach! After lessons with her, I always feel confident in my singing, and excited to practice and perform. She has taught me the fundamentals in a way that is very embodied and natural, and has a lot of different metaphors and techniques to make sure that I resonate with what she's teaching. She is patient and understanding, makes lessons fun, and tailors them to what I want to work on. It's been an all around pleasure working with her!” - Nathan

— Student

Stefani is a wonderful and highly-recommended music teacher. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed every lesson she has taken with Stefani. Each lesson has a creative aspect that allowed my daughter to write her own music and develop her skills as a young composer and musician. Stafani also has a special way with children. She was able to develop a great rapport with my daughter right away. Stefani’s skill as an accomplished musician and piano teacher also enabled my daughter to learn musical notes and become proficient at playing the piano. ” - Alice

— Parent

My brother Yoni, an adult with autism, was always drawn to music and song, but until he started working with Stefani, he could only make strained, guttural noises when trying to sing. After 6 weeks of lessons he is able to sing with accurate pitch and well rounded sound, amazing our entire family. Thanks to this remarkable young woman, my brother has found his voice and able to express his love of music more than any of us could imagine.” - Gabrielle

— Sibling

Payment Plans: 


  •  In-person (at your home): $150/hr
  •  Virtual: $100/hr or $50/30 min

Bundle plans 

  •  5 week bundle (4 lessons paid in full, 1 free)
    •  In person (at your home): $600 
    • Virtual:  $400 (hour)
    • Virtual: 200 (half hour)
  • 10 week bundle (8 lesson paid in full; 9th half off; 10th free
    • In person (at your home): $1275 
    •  Virtual: $850 (hour)
    •  Virtual: $425 (half hour) 


48-24 hr cancellation notice: 50% charge  

Past 24 hrs cancellation notice:  full charge